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Zhongkaihua FNAF Collectible Five Nights Merch Foxy the Pirate Bonnie Chica Golden Bear Cupcake 33 Styles FNAF Stuffed Figure

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About this item:
  • 🎁 Ballora, Blacklight Cupcake, Bonnie, Chica, Circus Baby, El Chip, Ennard, Foxy the Pirate, Fazbear, Funtime Foxy, Golden Bear, Green Foxy, Lefty, Lolbit, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Mangle, Phantom Foxy, Rockstar Foxy, Bonnie, Springtrap, New Yellow Duck, Angry Bonnie, Angry Foxy, Mangle, New Horse, Gray Wolf, Yellow Elephant, Pink Piggy, 33 Styles.
  • 🎁 PP cotton material.
  • 🎁 20cm size.
  • 🎁 Exquisite pattern embroidery is loved by FNAF fans.
  • 🎁 It is a very unique home decoration.
Brand Zhongkaihua
Manufacturer Zhongkaihua
Size 20CM
Color Golden Bear
Width 0.00 Inches
Height 7.87 Inches
Length 0.00 Inches
Weight 0.20 pounds
Collection Five Nights at Freddys
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