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Marvel - Plush toy Deadpool surprise posture 12'59"/32cm

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About this item:
  • The Baby Groot Collection with 33-55-75 cm sizes and four versions to choose from. It is very well made and super fluffy. The Groot babies are perfect for cuddling and playing.
  • Four versions to choose from: Let your child be unique with our cuddly toys from Disney Marvel.
  • The Disney Baby Groot cuddly toys meet all EU-wide requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.
  • Keep your child entertained with these wonderful plush toys and improve their intellectual development!
  • Let the happiness of Baby Groot warm your hearts. These adorable soft plush toys will become your little one's best friends! Made from a soft, velvety material, they are perfect for cuddling or carrying with you on your daily adventures! This limited edition plush is perfect for snuggling up or adding to your special collection.
Brand MRVL
Manufacturer MRVL
Size 28-33cm
Color Deadpool
Collection Avengers and Marvel
Alt Title Marvel - Plush toy Deadpool surprise posture 12'59"/32cm Super soft quality
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