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Giant Microbes Spanish Flu Plush Toy Original Soft Body Educational Gift 10cm

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  • collection: Giant Microbes
  • A gift of pandemic proportions!
  • Scientifically accurate design, a million times larger than life!
  • Includes a card with facts about the Spanish Flu
  • Perfect for teachers, scientists, or anyone with a healthy sense of humour!
  • Approximately 13cm long


There are many things we think of, when we think of Spain; lovely food, long summer holidays and glorious weather...and also, one of the deadliest disease outbreaks in human history! This Spanish Flu Plush from Giant Microbes may look adorable, but don't let appearances deceive; this particularly virulent Flu outbreak struck during the latters years of WW1 (because timing is everything), and is estimated to have killed between 50 - 100 million people, over 5% of the world's population! In fact, this disease was so disastrous that many countries hid news of it's true impact from the soldiers on the frontline. Because Spain remained neutral in the conflict, this led to the image that Spain itself was exceptionally afflicted, thus leading to the name 'Spanish Flu'. And now, thanks to Giant Microbes, you can enjoy this apocalyptic ailment in your own home! These plushes have a scientifically accurate design, and even come with an array of facts about their specific disease, and are the perfect gift for scientists, teachers, students, or anyone with a healthy sense of humour! These Plushes measure approximately 15cm long