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ROBLOX Work at a Pizza Place

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  • collection: Roblox Toys
  • Figure of the Pizza Chef and Pizza Delivery guy with a scooter and pizza box
  • Each Core Figure Pack comes with an accessory and an exclusive code to redeem a virtual item in the Roblox game
  • Collect & Swap figures with your friends
  • Figure comes with interchangeable parts


Builder Brothers Pizza needs your help! Relive the classic Roblox experience created by Dued1 and deliver these pizzas on time! chef Meet the man behind the pizza. Olive oil courses through his veins, his muscles are made of mozzarella, and his legendary culinary skills are a sight to behold. He is...the Pizza Chef.Pizza Delivery GuyWhen you have dozens of pizzas to deliver in one night, you need a pro - like Pizza Delivery Guy! There's nothing like cruising around town on a motor scooter with a box full of piping hot delicious pizzas. Just make sure he does not eat them on the way to his destination.