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Roblox 10714 Blue Laser Parkour Runner Figure

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  • collection: Roblox Toys
  • by Roblox
  • A natural born rebel, she brings style and grace to everything she does in Master Of The Elements' fighting game, LAZER.
  • Each Core Figure Pack comes with a code with one item relevant to the pack.
  • Core Packs Include 1 Figure Accessories Collector's Checklist Exclusive Virtual Game Code


Pick up the pace with your ROBLOX Blue Lazer Parkour Runner Action Figure. Popular all around the world, ROBLOX is an online game where you design and create your own worlds and scenarios. This action figure is a parkour master, and she's ready to fly through the air as she pulls off amazing stunts. Plus, your Parkour Runner comes with a sword and blaster, so she's always ready to help you defeat your enemies. To build up your very own ROBLOX collection, look out for other great characters like the Phantom Forces action figure. Great for ROBLOX runners aged 6 and up. Includes: Blue Lazer figure Accessories Collector's checklist Exclusive virtual game code

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