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DC Comics Kawaii Cubes Nightwing - Small Plush Collectible

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  • collection: DC Comics
  • by DC Comics
  • An adorable twist on your favourite characters
  • Cube shape is great for storing and stacking
  • Unique collectible item
  • Nightwing character
  • Product dimensions: 2.5x2.5inches


Kawaii, a term that denotes cuteness within the context of Japanese culture, is now a prominent feature of Japanese popular culture. Kawaii Cubes are a completely different - and completely adorable - twist on your favorite licensed characters. Taking a basic geometric shape, the cube, as its form, the Kawaii Cubes are sure to inspire creatively and play, plus their shape makes storing them convenient through stacking. Offered in a variety of styles and styles, the Kawaii Cubes will be released in limited quantities making them collectible and sought-after. Measures: 2.5"