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Futurama - Nibbler Purse with zipper Plush - 27cm 11"

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  • collection: Futurama
  • by Partytime Costume & Lingerie (Yiwu) Factory
  • Size: Standard
  • Plush purse looks just like Nibbler all around!
  • Zipper on the back of the head opens to a small pouch
  • String loops in the back making it easy to hold
  • Uniquely powerful against Brain Spawn
  • Partytime Fancy dress costume & Lingerie (Yiwu) Factory Womens Futurama Nibbler Purse Standard


Are you looking for a fashion accessory that's ahead of its time? Well, this one is ahead of its time by about 1,000 years. Not only is this Futurama Nibbler Purse stylish, it's also very helpful in case Brain Spawn take over and turn everyone into a bunch of dummies. This little Nibblonian will come to your rescue and make sure your brain doesn't turn into mush! He'll also happily protect all your belongings while you're out having the time of your life at a party. Either way you look at it, Lord Nibbler is kind of a life-saver. - Purse