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Adventure Time - Jake and Lady Rainicorn's Child Plush - 15.2cm 6"

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  • collection: Adventure Time
  • by Adventure Time
  • Jake & Lady Rainicorn's Son
  • 6 Plush
  • Adventure Time Fan Favorite TV 6 Inch Plush Toy


Jazwares brings another surprise to all the fans out there with the Adventure Time Fan Favorite Plush. These plush are the perfect companion for every Adventure Time fans! T.V. has the body of an English bulldog much like his father, Jake, but is much rounder and does not have his father's jowls. T.V.'s nose is also bright purple instead of black. He is a pastel blue color with horizontal colored stripes on the lower half of his body like his mother, Lady Rainicorn. He also has a single, small, sharply-pointed, white horn on the top of his head. In Jake Suit, T.V. is seen to have grown purple stubble under his mouth.

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