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Giant Microbes Plush Toy Soft Original Gift Box Educational Ocean Dwellers Set

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  • collection: Giant Microbes
  • by Giant Microbes
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the rockpool...
  • Contains five of the sea's tiniest critters, based on actual microscopic organisms
  • Ideal for schools, scientists, or anyone with a healthy sense of humour!
  • Includes a Waterbear, Amoeba, Sea Sparkle, Algae and a Rotifer
  • Cells measure approximately 7cm across!


Ask someone to name a creature that lives in the sea, and you're bound to hear the same answers over and over; fish, sharks, whales, all of the typical show-offs...but with this Ocean Dwellers Box Set by Giant Microbes, you can finally show some of the big blue's more diminutive denizens some love! These adorable ocean critters can finally be seen up close, a million times larger than life! These Giant Microbes have scientifically accurate designs, and each box comes complete with factual information about the organisms within, making this the perfect gift for scientists, students, researchers and teachers, or anyone with a healthy sense of humour! This Box Set includes: - The Waterbear, also known as the Tardigrade, one of the most resilient creatures on earth - Amoeba, the ever-present shape-shifters of the sea - Sea Sparkle, the nocturnal creatures that light up the sea at night - Algae, the building blocks of the oceanic food chain - The Rotifer, a variety of Plankton, one of the smallest members of the animal kingdom Box Dimensions - 15cm (W) x 23cm (L) x 6cm (D) Cells measure approximately 7cm across

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